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Schaumburg, IL 60193

Tuesday - Friday: 10am-7pm
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Keith's Komix Saver Program:

The Keith's Komix Saver Program is a service that Keith's Komix provides. This service offers a pull list that so you never miss out on your favorite comics. We've all been there: You rush to your favorite comic store to pick up the new Justice League, Rachel Rising, and Deadpool only to find they sold out on Wednesday!
Well with the Keith's Komix Saver Program you never have to have that fear again! We get copies of whatever you checked on your list and keep them to the side until you are able to come and get them!
We only ask that you pick up your "Club List" once a month. See Keith for details regarding late pickups.

As an added bonus; if you have ten or more different "Club List" pulls a month you qualify for a 10% discount!

If you would like to sign up for this program please see the cashier at Keith's Komix as soon as possible.
Please be aware that during promotions such as "Villian's Month" we do not pull every title for you. We do not assume you will like or want something. Be sure to let the cashier at the store know you would like each version.